The Messy Stuff

In every organisation, there’s the work, there’s how you do the work, and there’s the relationships between the people doing the work.

How to use Empathy to help build a High Performing Team

Every team starts with an incomplete picture of the people they’re working with, and as they tell you more about themselves, you learn more about where you’ve all come from.

The Work within the Work: Overcoming the 5 Dysfunctions in a Team

One of the key things we look at when we go into any organisation is team dynamics.

“It’s not email, it’s therapy…” How it might feel to work with us on productivity.

The clients we coach within organisations keep saying to us, “I had no idea it was going to be like this.

The Email Charter: 10 rules to reverse email overload

We’re all drowning in email. And the hours and hours we spend on it are making ever more work for our friends and colleagues.

How to Surf the Urge

One of our productivity coaches, Sally May, is a keen sea swimmer.

Why scaling up may not be the right playbook for your startup

A reaction to all those articles about the right time for Startups to take investment, and whether it’s ever the right time.

Why Planning Matters

No one can avoid doing work as it comes up, but if you never put time aside to plan your work, then all you are left with is reactive working.

Are your team as engaged as you are? Here’s how to find out, and why you should…

If you're a business owner or a manager at any level in any organisation, you need engaged staff.

The Power of Vulnerability – how to have better relationships at work

Someone once said to me that if you want someone to like you, ask for their help.

Why you should stop avoiding difficult conversations

Recently we’ve been noticing that the vast majority of the leadership and culture change work that we do is actually about making it safer for people to talk about the things they find really difficult to talk about.

How to make sure your people hear what you say with REPLAY

I’d been talking with a client about how she was going to break some difficult news to her team.

How to have better meetings, using LOMO: lo-fidelity moments

LOMO is a way of re-organising meetings so that they’re high trust, self-organising, radically honest interactions.

Once and Future Stories

This is how it works: In pairs initially, participants tell each other stories about things that they think have been great about the organisation.

You have more power than you think. Discover your Circle of Influence and Control

The aim of Circles of Influence and Control and the resulting conversations is to help people take responsibility for their work concerns, and thus be more proactive, productive and happier.

How to Make Your Boat Go Faster and Improve Team Performance

Make Your Boat Go Faster is a really straightforward tool.

How to work out what to prioritise: The Effort Impact Matrix

The Effort Impact Matrix is one of the tools we use all the time.

How to get better at delegating: use CPORT

CPORT Tool CPORT is an acronym for a checklist that covers the areas you need to address whenever you’re delegating a task or a project with a team member, or the whole team.

How to stop micro-managing your staff

Transactional Analysis is a longstanding theory about how you can analyse every interaction through ‘transactions’ which are: parent, child, or adult.

How to change the culture in your organisation

A great guru once said culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Stop being the bottleneck!

A few months ago we took a group of Scouts to a week-long camp in the Lake District.

Ask your staff these three questions: if they can’t answer them, you could be in trouble

This was a real surprise to our client and only came to light after they ran one of our culture change programmes.

How to Reduce Time You Spend on Email

If you struggle to find time to get past email to your real work after a holiday, you're not alone.


In the courtroom classic ‘A Few Good Men’,Col Jessep, (Jack Nicholson), starts getting riled under cross examination by the navy lawyer played by Tom Cruise.


Just imagine, going to work, and actually enjoying your work, your colleagues, and it actually adding to your life, rather than being something you had to do in order to provide the means to try and be happy elsewhere.