Then Somehow invents, pilots and helps deploy tools and programmes
that help organisations and individuals get more from their work.

By design these tools and programmes collect data and stories throughout
so that we can help make the changes measurable and lasting.


Culture Catalyst

This tool has been designed to be a catalyst for cultural change –
making the invisible visible. We gather stories and data from organisations,
helping make their culture visible, tangible, measurable and changeable.

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Capacity Building

By introducing new practical ways to deal with email, calendars, meetings, projects and tasks
we help people gain immediate clarity and control and reinstate a feeling of calm and confidence.
We help establish new rhythms and behaviours that build capacity and help people sleep better at night.

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Bucket Project

Mysterious mountain adventures. A different way to do leadership development.

We take leaders away on multi day retreats to do the work they need to do. Headspace, reflection, reconnection, challenge.

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“The training created the equivalent of two extra days a week”