our team

bound by our desire to help

people and make work better

The people behind Then Somehow have been around the block…

We’ve all run our own businesses or worked as leaders in a range of organisations encompassing education, local government, media, research, and design.

We’ve worked for big companies and small companies.

We have experienced the highs and the lows, the pressures and the pleasures of work.

And we are bound by our desire to help people, and make work better.

Partner with us

We believe that the experience of work should be positive for everyone regardless of race, gender or belief. Everyone should feel valued, respected and safe. Everyone should feel free to be their best selves. Everyone should feel heard and understood. We work for that in our clients and our own team.

We are interested in creating inclusive environments, enabling access to them and helping people stay in them.

We believe that people from richly diverse backgrounds bring new perspectives and different ways of thinking. This is important to our work, so we are always looking to increase the diversity within our team, while growing our network of people, ideas and tools.

If you are passionate about making the experience of work better we want to explore ideas with you – whoever you are, however you identify, please get in touch.

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