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Wish you could get the work you wanted to done, without being sidetracked by new tasks and requests? The trick is to work out what is important and what you have space for. This means getting better at planning, prioritising, and sometimes saying no. Learn these key productivity skills in small bites with our 6 new microlearning courses, that make it easier to work smarter not harder.

Do you ever get to the end of the day, look at your to-do list and realise that barely half the things on your list have been ticked off?

Perhaps then you wished you could do more of the work you had actually planned to do rather than getting caught up in meetings or responding to a torrent of emails and new requests.

If that sounds familiar, you are not alone. Most of us are overloaded with too much to do, and it can be hard to find time in the working week for everything that you wanted to do.

Increasing productivity without increasing your workload might seem like a fantasy, but it is possible.

Sometimes this comes down to organising your time better, prioritising more effectively, and planning more thoroughly – sometimes though it comes down to not going to so many meetings, or knowing how to say no without causing offence or being thought of as unhelpful.

Whilst maintaining a high level of productivity is not always easy, with some new habits or just a few changes to the way you work you could cut down on reactive working, get more done in less time and make space for the important stuff. And be less stressed.

At Then Somehow, we’re keen to help.

In response to a request from a large client, we recently turned our best-selling ​Working Smarter ​e-courses into shorter bite-sized modules.

We took the most valuable lessons from our longer e-courses, distilled the most important bits and created a series of new micro-learning modules that can be taken individually or with teams, that are impactful, quick to do and easy to digest.

If you are looking to learn practical techniques and strategies that you can apply straight away, and to not spend hours going through pages and pages to get the information, these microlearning modules are now available to you.

There are six short modules – they cover things like how to halve meetings, get better at setting boundaries and saying no – each one contains a simple but practical tool and idea that can be implemented straight away, saving you time and setting up good habits that will help you and your team with productivity, and be able to work smarter not harder:

  1. Get Better at Planning
  2. Prioritise Better​
  3. Calendar Best Practice
  4. Get Better at Saying No​
  5. Get Better at Setting Boundaries​
  6. Get Better at Email​

You can take these mini-modules in any order, and you will make progress even if you only have a few spare minutes.

They’re just £7.99 each, or ​sign up for all six and save 25%​ – that’s just £35.95 for a ​whole bundle of productivity goodness​.

We’ve run the proven strategies and tips these modules contain with thousands of people in all sorts of organisations, and stand by them as some of the most powerful methods for making work better.

If you’re looking for a way for you and your team to work smarter and be happier and less stressed, we highly recommend them.

At Then Somehow we help managers in organisations work smarter, giving you practical tools to shift the stuff that’s stuck.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help your organisation perform better, or are looking for microlearning for your employees, get in touch here.

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