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Working Smarter Learning impact - x2 more effective people, +92% benefit after trying the tools, +57% increase in engaged people - Then Somehow

how it works

Working Smarter teaches a series of easy to use, practical tools to help you and your team work smarter.

Simple and powerful techniques help you feel more engaged and in control of your work: spend less time on email and in meetings, and more on your most important work.

Accessed through in-person or remote workshops, or via self-guided elearning, the tools have a measurable impact on the way people work: 9 out of 10 people say the tools help them.

By helping your team identify alternative behaviours we can change how they feel and what they believe about their work. Across all participants the programme has doubled the number of people rating themselves effective or wholly effective from 31% to 64%.

Good for all levels

The programme can run at any level in an organisation: from senior leaders and managers to junior grades. From peers working in similar roles to discrete teams seeking to work better together. We recognise people at all levels experience feelings of overwhelm caused by high volume, high velocity working. People in any role can struggle to find time to get to their important work.

The outcomes you can expect from the programme:

  • Feeling more in control of your work.
  • Making space for the important stuff.
  • Feeling confident and engaged.
  • Becoming more effective.

Your team already work hard, now they can learn to work smarter

The Working Smarter toolset can be taught in person or remotely, in group and individual workshops, cascade programmes or via a suite of elearning modules. Working Smarter doubles the number of highly effective people in teams, and net promoter score increases on average by 39 points (from -12 to +27).

The solutions are affordable and scalable, and can be readily adapted to your needs.

Find the course that’s right for your team

Working Smarter contains dozens of practical tools and ideas organised into four modules:

  1. Creating The Right Mindset
    Tools to help you have better conversations and feel more in control of your work.
  2. Creating Space For Important Work
    How to get systematic in the way you manage your work, set boundaries, say no and minimise the impact of email on your productivity.
  3. Make Email Work For You With Inbox Zero
    Empty your inbox and keep it that way, save time and reduce anxiety.
  4. Prioritising The Right Things
    Tools for prioritising effectively and keeping focused on your most important work.

Scalable solutions can be delivered as either:

  • Self-guided fully accessible e-learning – hosted on your LMS or ours
  • E-learning + clinics – accountability and customisation through group clinics
  • Blended-live webinars, e-learning, clinics and 1:1 options
  • In person full-day workshop and 1:1 follow-up support
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