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overcome structural inertia with practical programmes that build capability and engage the power of distributed leadership to make change happen

how it works

In a changing global market, universities are being asked to think differently about how they operate and how they deliver.

You might understand the changes you need to make at a school, faculty or university-wide level, but you are meeting resistance or are struggling to find the right actions to take and the levers to pull. Or maybe it’s just that no one can find the time, or no one sees it as their responsibility.

In partnership with you we co-create programmes that equip and motivate people, that build confidence, capability, and autonomy to deliver change at the coalface.

Our programmes:

  • Build agency in your staff
    – encouraging them to use small experiments to prototype options and gather data.
  • Use coalitions to build distributed leadership
    – forming cross-team groups of allies to work on projects together, supporting informal networks and communities of practice, giving people the confidence and capability to deliver.
  • Support leaders
    – to think differently about their role in sponsoring change projects, and giving them a range of soft skills to enable and empower people to drive their own change.
  • Build capability
    – leaving people more confident, more capable, with a clearer sense of purpose and ownership as well as being better connected across your organisation

Talk to us about the change you need and we’ll work with you to enable your people to make it happen.

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