We make tools for the messy stuff
Tools that measurably change the way you work

Why can work be so messy and hard?
Why is it so difficult to change?

What if you knew how your culture worked?
What if a few simple things could change everything?

How can you know?
What can you do?
Where do you start?

These are the questions we seek to answer.

Then Somehow

We invent, pilot and help deploy tools and programmes that help organisations become better places to work.

We help people understand where they are so they can make informed decisions.

And help teams and individuals in purpose-led organisations change behaviours, that help change beliefs, that support improved cultures.

All our tools have data and stories,
logic and magic at their heart:
they are engaging, easy to share
and make a measurable difference.


We believe in discovering what really matters.

We believe work can be more than a means to an end.

We believe it doesn't have to be this hard.

We believe in writing your own future.

We believe in magic.

We believe in laughter in lifts.

We believe in the messy stuff.

We’ll show you how it’s done.

Client Stories


Who are we?

Lead Capacity Builder
Senior Coach
Consultant / Methodologist
Group Coach
Senior Coach
Senior Coach


“I’ve already recommended Culture Catalyst to three people.”

Nikki Gatenby, MD Propellernet, Top 10 UK Places to Work

Virgin Trains
BBC micro:bit
Blood Cancer UK
Prostate Cancer UK
States of Guernsey
Devon County Council
Plus Alliance
Oxford Big Data Institute

Partner with us

We DESIGN and pilot tools with live clients.

We MAKE the tools to be used more widely by our partners working with them to REFINE and further develop them in the field.

If you are a consultant or change specialist we’d be interested to COLLABORATE in deploying tools and helping you find solutions to your client’s problems.

We have a number of partnership models that support effective and profitable ways of working for each of us and your client.

If you’d like to explore how we could collaborate, please start a conversation:


“This is going to change my life” (Participant – Capacity Building Programme)