Culture Catalyst




Propellernet are a search marketing agency, regularly judged to be one of Europe’s best places to work. They are interested in continuous improvement and finding that ‘extra 10%’
that helps fulfill their purpose of ‘making life better’.

Then Somehow piloted the first Culture Catalyst programme with them, shining a light on potential areas of improvement.

Why did they do it?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast (Peter Drucker)

The programme

Every Culture Catalyst programme tests variables against seven core dimensions: Basic Functions, Personal Relationships, Corporate Relationships, Autonomy, Innovation, Alignment, Higher Purpose.

The Propellernet leadership team were also interested in exploring areas around taking personal responsibility and having hard conversations.

We designed this into their bespoke programme.

What we did

The whole company of 50 people took part in the Culture Catalyst programme including the leadership, team members,
and a new product division.

Everyone completed a customised online survey
and had follow up one-to-one interviews.

After six months, we retested the whole company,
and explored the progress made.

What was it like?

What did they learn?

What they did

As a result of the first survey, Propellernet launched a six month programme of work addressing areas raised by the Culture Catalyst findings.
Specifically this included:

Work on what it means to be a ‘stunning colleague’

Making the company purpose and values personal.

Getting better at giving good feedback

What did they do?

What has changed

What do they recommend?


What they said

“It was absolutely brilliant. It showed us where to focus, helping us understand our strengths and the weaknesses that we were failing to address.

It inspired us to act, engaging with our culture
and actively trying to shape it.
We didn’t know what we’d been missing and in hindsight that was risky.
We’re a lot better informed now.”

Nikki Gatenby, MD, Propellernet