Why Planning Matters

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At Then Somehow, we say there are three ways of working:

1. Doing work as it comes up
2. Doing planned work
3. Planning your work

No one can avoid doing work as it comes up, but if you never put time aside to plan your work, then all you are left with is reactive working.

The trouble with reactive working is that you lose your edge. You waste time being busy when you could be more effective.

A recent study shows that humans are less likely to do challenging but bigger impact work if they feel rushed or under pressure. Getting importance to trump urgency is key. The only way to do it is by creating time and space to reflect and consider.

In short, smart folk make time to plan.

Join us in Brighton on January 18th, or London on February 1st for a morning to master the art of planning. We will share our expert methods In a small group with plenty of time to reflect and consider. You will leave with clear plans in place and the tools to enable you to keep your head, focus on what matters, even when it gets busy.

Brighton: click here.
London: click here

If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of the coach-facilitators, Moyra (moyra@thensomehow.com) or Sally (sally@thensomehow.com).

Then Somehow have been working in-house with corporates for years and our courses have had fantastic results with productivity going up over 50% and staying up over time.

Now, for the first time, we are offering our work to individuals from a variety of organisations with a series of 4 workshops running from January through to March in London and Brighton. If you sign up to all 4 you get a bundle discount.

Small groups, Expert advice, practical learning – you leave the room with the work done, 121 attention and follow up coaching to keep you accountable.

For more information, have a look at our public workshops or our Capacity Building programme.

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