Remote Management



In response to Covid-19, and the switch to remote working, we are now running programmes, webinars, and workshops remotely with clients with fantastic results.

Teams continue to need support in this new way of working, and we are able to offer training that is delivered remotely to do this.

The workshops give teams a set of practical tools that will help you:

  • Feel in control of your work
  • Reduce anxiety by focusing on what you can control
  • Bond as a team even as you are working in isolation
  • Improve management of email, tasks and projects
  • Improve focus on priorities
  • Save time

The courses offer simple yet powerful techniques that meet you where you’re are at, and help you build structure around current working conditions.

“I have been feeling a lot calmer, more productive and motivated.
Plus tackling some big ‘scaries’ that I was avoiding before, which now seem a lot more manageable.”

M Nichols, Senior Manager

Remote Workshops

Regaining A Sense Of Control

How to acknowledge your personal and collective concerns
Using Circles of Influence to influence what you can, accepting the things you can’t
Supporting your teams to do the same
Working together to find solutions

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Managing Remotely

How you adapt good management practice to a remote setting
Setting clear expectations, and three critical questions
Being flexible, being dependable, being accountable
Creating a framework for clear communication

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Good Remote Meetings

How to use digital tools to aid communication
Teams / Zoom / Chat / Whiteboards / Trello and others you use
Structuring an effective remote meeting
Capture and tracking actions, Managing projects remotely
Encouraging peer networks to solve problems

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Train the Trainers

How to design engaging and effective online training
How to adapt your training in a remote context
What you need to think about and do differently
Build confidence in delivering training remotely

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“The training was brilliant and created the equivalent of two extra days a week”