Open Workshops

We’ve been working in-house with large organisations for many years, with fantastic results:
productivity goes up by 50% and stays up over time.

We are now offering our work to individuals, running a series of
repeating half-day open workshops in Brighton and London.

These productivity workshops are for you if you…

  • work in management or run your own business;
  • want to work smarter not harder;
  • feel overwhelmed by the never-ending stream of emails and tasks;
  • enjoy learning and sharing in a small group environment.

The courses offer simple yet powerful techniques that put you in control of work,
so for example, you can spend less time on email, and spend more time on the work you need to do.

“I have been feeling a lot calmer, more productive and motivated.
Plus tackling some big ‘scaries’ that I was avoiding before, which now seem a lot more manageable.”

Morgan Nichols, Copy Writer

Open Workshops

Be the Boss of Your Email

Bring your computer and leave with your inbox transformed.

You will implement a clear system to keep you in control of your emails forever.

Details HERE


Work out what is important AND how to make sure you do it.

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Get Sorted and Stay Sorted!

Leave with a clear plan AND some simple planning tools that you can use to keep you clear.

Details HERE

Saying No

Bring your dilemmas and leave with tools and skills to help you say no with confidence
and remain on good terms with the people around you.

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“The training was brilliant and created the equivalent of two extra days a week”