Our e-learning courses teach students tools that can measurably change the way they work.

Are they overwhelmed by their workload? Do they have too much to do and not enough time?

Get them to take one or more of our courses and they’ll learn simple yet powerful techniques that put them in control of work again: spend less time on email, spend more time on the work they need to do.

“The email training has been utterly transformational, both on a personal level, and as a department. The number of emails has dropped; communication has been positive; and I feel that I am on top of email. It has removed a major stress factor in my life.”
Ben Schofield, King’s College

E-Learning Courses

Make Email Work Better

Keep on top of your email and make it fun again.

A FREE short course about email that’ll help you manage your inbox a bit better

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Get Your Inbox to Zero

Getting your inbox to zero and staying there.

A system for email that no one’s shown you before, that’ll save you time and make you happier.

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A Systematic Approach to Work

Introducing better ways to manage your work.

Discover why it’s important to have a system, and why weekly reviews make a real difference.

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Increase Your Capacity

Learn practical tools like project mapping, and how to use your calendar properly,
that’ll make a real difference to how you manage your work.

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Capacity Building for Teams

Discover a way of working that helps teams free up time,
solve problems and focus on important work that makes a real difference.

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“The training was brilliant and created the equivalent of two extra days a week”