Culture Catalyst



What is Culture Catalyst?

It’s a tool for measuring, revealing and benchmarking your culture.

You can consciously shape the direction of your organisation when you know where you’re starting from.

Culture is the sum of what we feel, believe, and do, and the stories we share about our organisation.

The operating system that shapes and defines every input and output the organisation touches.

Our Culture Catalyst tool has been designed to be a catalyst for positive cultural change.

We gather stories and data from organisations, and blend them together into a single narrative, helping make culture visible, tangible, measurable and changeable.

It allows customisation to reflect your context, and is comparable against our benchmark.

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Questions we are asking

What if you knew how your culture worked?

What if you knew where to focus your attention?

What if you could benchmark and measure progress?

How can you know?

What can you do?

Where do you start?

“The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do.”

Roy L. Smith

Beliefs behind the approach




Who is it for?

Culture Catalyst is for leaders and owners of organisations who want
to understand how they are performing and where to focus.

It is also useful for other stakeholders such as staff and shareholders for the same reasons.

It helps leaders learn what is happening within their culture, and then test and iterate their efforts to influence change.

“By changing nothing, nothing changes”

Tony Robbins

It is a good for organisations that are:

  • growing / evolving / pivoting
  • post restructure – recontracting
  • post investment – igniting performance
  • post merger + acquisition – aligning cultures
  • achieving value on exit

What it looks like

Culture Catalyst

is a coherent narrative on your culture consisting of two parts:

1. A digital quantitative survey, customised and normative

2. Qualitative listening activities, informed by the quantitative data.

We measure and map against 7 dimensions of culture which are: basic functions, autonomy, personal relationships, corporate relationships, innovation, alignment and higher purpose.

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Measurable impact

Culture Catalyst exists to make any changes to your culture measurable.
By accurately describing your organisation’s known strengths and weaknesses,
it becomes the catalyst for you to make changes.
We then follow up to see what impact those changes have had.
Where companies have implemented change,
areas of focus have seen improvements of up to 20%.

For full Case Study see below.

What clients say

“It was absolutely brilliant.
It showed us where to focus, helping us understand our strengths
and the weaknesses that we were failing to address.
It inspired us to act, engaging with our culture and actively trying to shape it.
We didn’t know what we’d been missing and in hindsight that was risky.
We’re a lot better informed now.”

Nikki Gatenby,
MD, Propellernet
(Also one of Europe’s best places to work)

“Clearleft decided to engage with the Culture Catalyst to give us insight
into which areas of our culture might hold us back as we grow.
We know we do a lot well, but we also know that we aren’t perfect.
It’s been interesting, powerful, not always comfortable
and it’s left us clearer about how to use
our strengths and tackle our issues.
It feels really positive going forward.”

Sophie Davies-Patrick,
Director of Operations, Clearleft Ltd