Then Somehow invents, pilots and helps deploy tools and workshops
that help organisations and individuals get more from their work.

We measure the impact of the workshops, and collect stories throughout.
Our coaching is personal and powerful.

The changes are measurable and lasting.



At times work can be hard and challenging for everyone.
Coaching provides a safe, reflective environment where opportunities and futures can be explored.
Where a person’s deepest fears, worries, and problems can be explored, and often overcome.
Where challenge and self learning can have a profound effect on a person’s experience of work and what they get out of it.

Feedback Workshop

Everyone could benefit from good feedback. With it we become more self aware and efficient.
It can help build trust, help us learn and progress, and helps build thriving teams.
Without it frustration can build, progress slows and ignorance prevails.
So why are we so scared to give and receive good feedback?
This workshop helps reduce those fears, and gives practical advice and experience in giving and receiving good feedback.


Our e-learning courses teach students tools that measurably change the way they work.

Are they overwhelmed by their workload? Do they have too much to do and not enough time? Take one of our courses and they’ll learn simple yet powerful techniques that put them in control of work again: spend less time on email, spend more time on the work you want to do.

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Open Workshops

We’ve been working in-house with large organisations for many years, with fantastic results: productivity goes up by 50% and stays up over time.

We are now offering this to individuals, running a series of repeating half-day open workshops in Brighton and London.

The courses offer simple yet powerful techniques that put you in control of work, so for example, you can spend less time on email, and spend more time on the work you need to do.

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Other Tools

Project Mapping
The project mapping tool is a flexible, portable tool that helps you get clarity, helps you prioritise and helps move toward action. In essence it is very simple, like all good tools. You can use it individually or as a team to help provide context and agree priorities. It focuses on the work that needs doing and forces you to choose where you place your attention.

“Coaching helped me work out what I really wanted to do, and helped me get there”