A Return to Work Charter

Working remotely during lockdown has been hard. There’s been the isolation, the homeschooling and the Zoom fatigue.

Getting to the feedback that actually makes a difference

Do you remember your first job? Mine is hard to forget because of the feedback I received.

Project Management Part 2: Things to Do During The Project

With few companies successfully completing 100% of their projects, it’s important to run a project in the right way.

Project Management – three steps to ensure your projects are successful

Project management is a difficult undertaking for any team.

Shout about remote working: a story of good practice

Anna Fraser left a successful career in education to run the family business

How to trust your team when they’re remote working

As the pandemic has gone on, we’ve heard leaders and managers telling us their team is communicating better than ever while remote working because they are, “making much more of a conscious and deliberate effort to talk to each other.

How to stay focussed during lockdowns and working from home

The issue of the moment is how you and your team adjust to a new ‘normal’ way of working, and how you manage your focus and attention.

How to look after your team during lockdown

It is important to acknowledge the impact lockdown is having on your team and to spend time talking about it because some of your team could be struggling.

6 ways to make remote work easier during lockdown

Here’s 6 ways to make remote work easier Fundamentally, it’s about doing the basics of working well together, more diligently.

Four tools for having better conversations with your team

Despite our increasing reliance on email, messaging, and other digital channels for comms, conversations between people at work are still integral to getting anything done.